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          We are storing the IP address where this ad is being posted. We value your privacy, your IP address is not used in public service.

          Terms and Conditions

          Posting an ad on Nettikaravaani.com is free of charge for private sellers, but dealers need to pay. If you are a dealer, please look at our price list at: https://almaajo.fi/hinnastot/nettikaravaani

          The ads for private sellers are valid for 8 weeks, after which you will receive an e-mail, where you are asked to extend the validity of your ad by sending SMS (price 3,90e).

          Posting ads to Nettikaravaani.com is supervised by the admistrator. Irrelevant advertisers or ads will be removed from site without any special notification. Irrelevant ads are such where ad has false image of the item on sale or there is misuse of the tax free price or the sales price. The userID will be also disabled, if it is found that phone number or address information is not proper or the user behaviour is innormal. The Nettikaravaani.com administrator has rights to remove ads and disable advertisers.

          Instructions for posting an ad

          • 1)On this page you are able to attach 1-24 images of your vehicle. Click "Browse" in order to find your image file(s) from your computer or directly from your camera.
          • 2)When you have chosen the file(s), click on the "Attach" button.
          • 3)Wait for the image files to be loaded to the Nettikaravaani server.
          • 4)When the image files have fully loaded, you will see the images as thumbnails at the bottom of the page. Only after that is the full ad ready to be saved.
          • 5)The order of the images can be changed after loading by clicking on the arrows beneath the images.
          • 6)If there is only one photo, you can't delete it. If you accidentally load the wrong photo, please add another one, so that you may delete the other.
          • 7)Finally, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the Vehicle Information Form.
          • 8)When the ad has been posted succesfully, you will see your ad at the top of the "Latest 30" page and you will receive a confirmation mail soon after.

          The most common error situations

          • 1)Your image file(s) may be too large: please do not attempt to load files in excess of 15 megabytes. All the images will be preprosessed anyway, in order to keep the page loading times acceptable.
          • 2)You need to wait, that all the images load to the Nettikaravaani server.
          • 3)If your exercise takes too long, the server will display an error message. Please try again!

          Using of images

          The immaterial rights to the materials that are uploaded to the https://www.nettikaravaani.com/en service, like logos, banners and images of for sale vehicles, are always that of the person loading them. Alma Ajo, who runs the Nettikaravaani.com service, does not take any responsibility nor liability for any material that is uploaded to the service.

          In short: if you use someone elses material, you need to ask permission for it beforehand.


          When an ad is published in Nettikaravaani.com, it receives a unique reference number called the VehicleID, for example https://www.nettikaravaani.com/en/12345. The number at the end of the reference, is the unique number of your ad, which you can use in a newspaper ad, your own home page, in forums or chats or tell to the buyer on the phone. You can have direct access to the ad by inserting the ID number in the field that is on the Home page of Nettikaravaani.com. Alternatively, you can write the full address in your browser.

          Editing your ad and marking the vehicle sold

          Login to Nettikaravaani.com
          Click on "Sales ads"
          Click on the link "Edit"
          To mark you vehicle Sold, click on the link "Sold"
          You may change the images of your ad at any time by clicking on the Make and Model field of your vehicle.

          Problems? Contact asiakaspalvelu@almaajo.fi